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A guide to van leasing

Submitted by RianaDing on Fri, 04/20/2018 - 12:28
A guide to van leasing

Did you know that leasing can be a cost-effective solution to growing your business?

While critical to the efficiency of businesses that transport goods or provide a delivery service, having a fleet of vans is a significant investment that can weigh heavily on cash flow. 

Some of the benefits of leasing include:

  • The ability to budget through pre-agreed monthly payments and lease terms  
  • A maintenance service built into monthly payments   
  • Replacement tyres built into monthly payments
  • Access to new vans that might been too expensive to purchase outright  
  • The convenience of access to support and other services through the leasing company

Peace of mind in the event of a breakdown  

Maintenance and repairs can be very costly to a company that uses vans for business purposes. Some of the roll-on effects of a vehicle breakdown could include:  

  • Possible loss of revenue
  • The cost of a rental replacement van
  • The cost of breakdown recovery and repairs 
  • Unhappy customers and, possibly, a tarnished business reputation!  

With a pre-agreed maintenance management service built into your monthly lease costs, you can reduce the business risks associated with a breakdown.

Business-specific accessories  

Specialised van accessories, such as racking, tail-lifts, benches & drawers and refrigeration units, can be funded via one convenient monthly payment as part of your lease contract, along with the management of any ‘bespoke’ servicing requirements associated with your van. 

Need more information on car and van leasing for commercial purposes? Contact Maxxia Fleet for further information on leasing vans for business use.