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Fleet vehicle leasing is a well­-established way of operating a vehicle fleet whether you’re an SME or a large corporation. Leasing rather than buying assets outright may enable you to expand your fleet without significantly affecting cash flow or compromising on the specification of the vehicle. Some lease options will not only cover the lease of the vehicle but the maintenance, servicing and fleet management as well.


Many companies find leasing a cost-effective and convenient way of running their vehicle fleet.

When you lease with us, Maxxia retains ownership of the vehicle and leases it to your business on either a fully-maintained or non-maintained basisfor the duration of your agreement, usually between 24 and 60 months. At the end of the finance lease term you pay us the agreed residual value plus GST and ownership is transferred to you. At the end of the operating lease term, you simply hand the vehicle back in good condition. More of the differences between operating and finance leases are explained below.

With a number of different leasing arrangements available, our dedicated fleet and asset management specialists can work with your business to help you choose an asset finance solution that is right for you.



Maxxia can provide you with a range of lease and finance alternatives and agreement periods that best suit your company’s requirements. We can assist you to select the best term for your lease to minimise the risk of cost overruns such as excess kilometres.

Our Operating and Finance lease products can be structured to include a range of fleet management components in a single, fixed, monthly lease payment. Should you already own your vehicle fleet but have been considering leasing, Maxxia can also offer a Sale & Leaseback option with either an Operating or Finance lease. We will purchase your assets and lease them back to your company providing an injection of capital which may be better used to grow your business.

Operating Lease vs Finance Lease

There are two different leasing options you can consider when leasing your fleet vehicles, and the type of lease you choose depends on a variety of factors. Operating and finance leases have different features, and one may work better than the other for your individual needs. You can select to have either lease type include maintenance to alleviate the need of managing your fleet yourselves and take advantage of our purchasing power on items such as tyres and your scheduled servicing.


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