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Finance Lease

What is Finance Lease?

With a Finance Lease, your company retains all the benefits and risks of ownership, subject to the terms of the lease, however Maxxia is the legal owner of the vehicle for the term of the lease.

The vehicle remains on your balance sheet and should you decide not to take ownership of the vehicle at the end of the lease term by paying Maxxia to pre-agreed residual value, your company enjoys the profit or bears the loss at the end of the lease term from its sales proceeds.

A Maxxia Finance Lease may offer administrative benefits and you can still enjoy the other benefits offered by choosing to have the vehicle either partly or fully maintained through us. Should your company choose to own the vehicles or equipment outright, a pre-agreed residual amount will need to be paid at the end of the lease term.

Sale & Leaseback

If your business currently owns its business vehicle fleet and is looking to enjoy the benefits of leasing, we offer a Sale and Leaseback option, subject to credit approval. Under a Sale and Leaseback agreement, you can sell your vehicles to Maxxia and lease the vehicles back on an Operating Lease or Finance Lease basis for an agreed term.

You can reduce the burden of fleet ownership at any time during your fleet's lifecycle by entering into a Sale and Leaseback agreement with Maxxia. By entering into a Sale & Leaseback agreement you can start to enjoy an injection of capital into your business along with the the convenience of leasing. If you including include the option of Fleet Management and Maintenance, you may also experience a saving in time devoted to administration tasks.

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