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Broadly speaking, asset management involves any system that monitors and maintains your company’s mobile assets. At Maxxia, our system includes a comprehensive suite of services that helps ensure your assets are properly acquired and maintained, and your drivers are fully supported.

We begin with a thorough assessment of your fleet and equipment needs, this step is designed to identify ways to minimise your costs and maximise your efficiencies. From there, you can choose the asset management services that will deliver you the best return on investment.

Our highly experienced Relationship Managers know what it takes to build strong working relationships. Whether you require passenger fleet management services or light/heavy commercial and general plant equipment, they will design and monitor an asset management system that’s right for your business.


Maxxia New Zealand's asset management services complement our finance offerings, and ensure your assets are optimised throughout their life.

We provide ongoing, proactive assessment of your fleet and assets to ensure optimal performance and efficiencies..

We can provide your drivers with a quarterly report to complete and then consolidate these and send you the single report to use in your FBT return.

Our suppliers provide mechanical expertise at point of servicing and access to our wholesale and trade discounts on parts, consumables and labour. All these cost efficiency are built into our competitive lease rates. A non-maintained option is available if required.

To take the hassle out of making sure your road user charges are always current, we can purchase RUC's and forward them to you for display on your vehicles as required.

Using a fuel card gives you convenience every time you refuel, as well as exception reporting and odometer projections.

We will help ensure your vehicles are always registered for the life of the contract and send the renewals to you for display on the vehicle.

To help you ensure your vehicles always meet required safety standards, we will notify you in advance of the pending expiry of your WOF, so you can ensure that your WOF is up-to-date and current.

An 0800 number is available 24/7 to assist your drivers in the case of a mechanical breakdown or accident, helping them get back on the road as quickly as possible.

We can manage the replacement, fitting and balancing of tyres through our preferred suppliers, with discounts built into our competitive lease rate.

Provided with each of the above services, reports and monthly invoicing (with assets separated under designated cost centres) are emailed to your preferred customer contact.

We will receive, record and forward all of your driver's fines for payment so you can concentrate on running your business.

Can be provided in your lease on request, subject to certain conditions.


Managing your company’s assets shouldn’t cost you any more time, money or effort than is absolutely necessary.



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